Forever the procrastinator

As usual, I have been forever the procrastinator in making any posts. I had planned on making a post shortly after the death of my brother, but, of course, I did not get around to doing it. Then, I thought okay I will make a post on the six-month anniversary of his death. That came […]

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Adulting is a challenge

Sometimes, as I have learned over too many years, adulting (IMO the active work it takes to be an adult) means restraining yourself from saying something that you know will be hurtful if it is said and will shortly thereafter make you wish that you hadn’t said it. Right, this minute is one of those […]

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Win free travel goodies!

Originally posted on WE MARRIED ADVENTURE:
It’s a contest!  Today is my birthday, and we’re giving you the gifts! Help us share We Married Adventure with your adventure-loving friends, and you’ll be entered to win these travel goodies: a beautiful handmade polka-dot pouch from India, a divine lavender and rosemary soap from Portugal’s Castelbel Porto, and a set of…

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Gone Way Too Soon

I just wanted to post a brief piece to express the sorrow so many of us, especially those of us that are part of “Generation X”, are feeling this weekend. I was so shocked to wake on the 21st (I sleep late) and hear the news running on the television as I came down the […]

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