My first blog post

Not the most exciting start to a blog, but hopefully I will become more confident and adept at my posts as I go along. You may be thinking why on earth does someone that named their blog Bitter Betties have a cute puppy picture as one of the first things that you see. Well, the cute puppy is one of my dogs, Bambi of  (and can be found under Save Bambi on Facebook) and we are currently struggling to raise money for her cancer treatments and the transplant that could cure her. The problem is (here is the rant for today) that though many people come to us asking for donations for whatever little cause, or event has struck their fancy they fail to reciprocate when we ask for help. Even when we state repeatedly that any little bit, even a dollar, can help and that simply sharing helps to spread news of our dilemma and hopefully would help to find more help these people that spend their time posting pics of their food, selfies, or the latest version of planking can’t seem to find the time to hit “share.” As an animal rights supporter, and online/social media advocate for animal causes I have shared countless pleas to save so many animals and yet I can’t get my own friends to help save my own pet. My inner bitch will be emerging and refusing to like, share, donate, or offer encouragement about any of their little projects/causes come lately in the future. I shall name my inner Bitter Betty, Karma and Karma is a bitch baby.

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