Guilt Trips

I love my mother and I most certainly would have flown out to visit her after she had her recent stroke had I been in the financial or personal position to do so, but now that she is starting to recover she is getting back to her trade, guilt trips. Only my mother could have difficulty speaking as a result of her recent stroke and still manage to call me to leave me a message asking me when I would be coming out to visit. I should say that this “visit” she wants is not simply because she wants to see me, it is to get me to do some work for her because she does not trust my brothers or my stepfather to do things the way that she likes them done. All of them live in California and would have little difficulty helping her, but they refuse to help her the way that she wants them to do it so instead they do nothing and bitch about it. Me, my broke (and not to mention broken with ongoing health and physical issues) ass and my pets all live in Nevada. Day to day existence is often a hardship for me (financially and physically), let alone finding a way to go out to California whenever I am beckoned. 

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