Computers are not my forte

Being from the earlier end of Generation X I did not get to grow up having computers as part of every moment of my life from day one so I did not get the benefit of having as much knowledge about the workings of the computer world, and by extension blogs, as those from the younger members of Gen X or even more so those of Generation Y and beyond (those would be my youngest brothers.) So, since computers were not my babysitter I frequently have to screw around with the bastards until I figure something out (I really need to take some computer courses.) This is particularly pissing me off today as I really want to embed all of the posts from the Save Bambi Facebook page (without accidentally linking them to the admin’s page) and I also want to link/embed everything to the Save Bambi website and her fundraising page because we are really trying to save a member of our family (our family is kind of mixed/convoluted so that may be explained later.) Can’t they make this shit (yeah sometimes I talk like a marine on leave, blame my father and friends) so easy that the dumbest and most technologically challenged among us can do it just with a couple of buttons? I have two college degrees, am about to get two more and I am having these problems. Way to make me feel stupid in a hurry. My innate lack of patience does not help.

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