I don’t know about you, but I am always seeing stories about people donating thousands of dollars (actually it should be thousands of people donating and raising thousands of dollars) for causes that have no bearing on, or connection to their own lives whatsoever.  I am constantly seeing “human interest” stories where people have worked to network and share stories and pages about various causes to catch the interest of those in the position to help out. Though I find most of these of some interest, I am most interested in the animal stories because of my love of animals and because all of my pets are rescues with their own stories that I may or may not know. I have shared these stories countless times for others and though I have not been in a position to help financially in quite a while ( a long story for perhaps another rant) I do  what I can, which is to share, share, share. I mean really, all you have to do is hit a damn button and you’re done and yet I am finding that a great many of my own friends and family are too lazy to even do that. Sure, when something of their interest crosses my pages I share for them and I am fairly certain that they expect that of their friends and family and yet when the shoe is on the other foot, NOTHING. When your so-called friends can’t be bothered to share even once, let alone donate even one dollar to something important to you, are they really still your friends? I am seriously contemplating not saying anything to any of them for at least a month to see if they even notice, since they are clearly too wrapped up in their own self-absorbed worlds. Apparently it is more important to share Grumpy Cat or postcard memes about drinking than it is to help your own family or supposed friend save the life of one of their pets, but by all means share with us another picture of your dinner or tell me how you’re bored. If you’re at all interested in seeing the story that has me so pissed then visit http://www.savebambi.net/ for more information and click on how you can help if you want to help save a beloved family member that is no less important just because she happens to be covered in fur.

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