Figuring out the kinks

So I had this great rant about Save Bambi and why the previously mentioned unreliables and the world in general are making me crazy. I had the rant attached as a comment to the link for the Save Bambi page and everything looked great. Until I posted/published it. I hit publish and my comment that was supposed to be attached just disappeared. Now I just have this random posting of a link with no explanation. I can’t wait to get this figured out and perfected. Of course right now I’ve got a lot of things I am trying to figure out so I am not sure where on my list I should place “figure out how to properly work my blog”. I guess it is not seen by many people anyway at this point so at least my learning curve is not highly visible. It could be worse, I could be Kendall Jenner at the Billboard music awards. Now that was a public screw up.

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