Do you ever feel like you must have done something in another life, or two or three lives, that led to you getting a never ending bitch slap from karma in this lifetime? Lately I feel like I, and my family, must have earned the equivalent of some really dark karma with what we have going on in our family and lives. One of my dogs was diagnosed with lymphoma and we are fighting to save her life (visit her website at http://www.savebambi.net/ for information or to find ways to help), my mother had a stroke and was hospitalized for approx. two months and had some complications while in the hospital and was just released apparently too early with a caregiver that is clueless, when my mother came home from the hospital my stepfather had a heart attack and now he is in the hospital. I live out of state and it is difficult for me to get there to help, plus I just finished with school and have been taking Bambi to chemo appointments. My brothers that are capable of helping are both busy with other things or out of town. The only brother around them right now has some challenges that would make him a less than perfect caregiver and he doesn’t drive. If you do get punished in your present life for things done in past lives is it really fair? It’s not like in this life you have any conscious awareness of what you may have done in the past to be screwed by karma in this life so you just go through life being miserable and wondering what you ever did to deserve always getting not only the short end of the stick, but it’s also covered in dog shit.

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