Bambi’s injections

It’s been tough having to subject Bambi to twice daily injections knowing that they cause her so much pain, but at least I only had real problems giving the shots the first couple of doses. The only problem now is finding enough extra skin to grab to use for an injection site, the more loose skin the less she feels. Apparently this medicine can cause pain in the bones and Bambi has been very sore and has a lot of pain eating the last few days, so much so that we had to get her put on a pain reliever so she’d eat. Now, with her transplant date only days away the vet doubled her dose to increase her white cell count even more because it is still not as high as they’d like it. Crossing my fingers that all of this is completely successful and Bambi experiences full remission and is essentially cured of her cancer.

As for the bitter part, still bitter that the vast majority of friends and family can not only not find it in their hearts to donate as little as a dollar toward saving Bambi, but apparently it is too much for them to even share her page while they are sharing stupid vintage post card memes (I share some too, but I also share causes that are important to me and those around me) and “save this recipe” posts up the ass. Don’t bother asking me to circulate your causes guys or ever again contributing to them unless they happen to be something I personally care about because I will generate my own version of karma for you and you are almost all now in the negative. Let’s hope the universe decides to be kinder to us and especially Bambi than those that are supposed to be closest to us. Thank goodness for that small handful of friends and family that have helped us out in this, we will never forget their generosity.

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