Best way to destroy a friendship

Don’t let all the sappy TV shows fool you into wanting to live with your friends. No matter how old you are or how long you have known each other, living with your friends will make you want to kill them at some point in time.  Think of how many times you and your family fight, or argue with one another, it is no better with friends. In fact it may be worse with friends because you don’t have to remain friends and if pushed too much you may want to just walk away or push them away as hard and as far as you can. At least with family you will always be family and you have to try and get along at least for holidays. If a friend has pushed you too far, you don’t have to play nice for the sake of anyone, but yourselves. Right now I want nothing more than to be living completely on my own and slam the door in the face of my so-called best friend. 

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