Out of Control

Ever reach such a crappy point in your life where everything has spun out of control and the realization of just how crappy things have become suddenly hits you like a brick wall and all you want to do is cry or destroy things? Well, that is the oh so fun point we have hit right now with the realization that we are so far in the hole we have no idea how to get out of it. We keep trying to get people to help http://www.savebambi.net/ and going nowhere despite the fact that similar pages and causes have found great success in their fundraising efforts despite putting forth no more effort than us. If anyone has any ideas on how to do a better job of raising money and awareness without being a smartass or rude we are welcome to suggestions. Saving Bambi isn’t even our greatest problem right now, just the one that we place the most importance on and is our priority. It is also the only problem that we are making public and are seeking assistance with as her bills have reached huge levels, but again we will do anything within our limited scope of power to save her. Between this and a host of other problems I am reaching a new level of depression, especially since I have to pretend to be holding things together for the sake of others that are pessimists to begin with. I need to work on becoming some sort of exercise nut because at least that is a free way to attempt to release some of my frustrations and change my focus.

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