Histrionics and Hyperbole

You ever have someone in your circle or life that is prone to histrionics? Do you feel guilty when those people are using their tendencies toward hyperbole and histrionics to get people to pay attention to them when they also suffer from a bit of hypochondria coupled with some legitimate health complaint that may or may not be as severe as they believe? I hate that I have my doubts about a certain person in my life and their belief that they have a serious disease. However, when they did not bother to get a second opinion (despite my having advised them to do so because someone else received the same misdiagnosis for three years before being properly diagnosed) and simply accepted the diagnosis as fact and then promptly began to publicly declare how difficult their life is because of the disease it does not make me sympathetic, it makes me hesitant to believe in and support them. When this same person has the exact same surgery that I had and they whine about it and complain that their surgeon is not seeing them for more than a month after the surgery it makes me question them and their surgeon since my surgeon saw me within days. It makes me question it even more when they obviously ignore my comment to them that it is not normal for a doctor to wait so long to see a patient after a serious surgery. Hello, if for no other reason the doctor should be seeing them to see that the wound is healing properly. It is so hard to balance what should be a natural concern for someone with my hatred of people complaining about every ache and pain for attention. I understand that to a certain point I could be seen as seeking attention by complaining in a public forum, but I have been cut off from most of my close friends now because of location and I need a place to vent. At least all I am doing is looking to vent and not trying to get everyone to feel sorry for me.

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