Lessons learned…The hard way.

I injured myself this past Sunday when we had one of our monsoon storms hit so hard and fast that we were rushing around trying to secure items in the backyard (patio umbrella had been lifted out of the table and was blowing around the yard) and I noticed that the neighbor’s gate had blown open. The neighbors have a smallish dog and I didn’t want them to open their back door and have their dog escape through the open gate so I went to close it. Somehow, between losing my balance and the rocks being loosened from increasing rain water I slipped when I went to step down and landed on my back and injured myself to the point that I could not get up without help.

Flash forward to me coming home from the hospital and having to use a walking cast (I can’t use it to walk so I don’t know why it is being called that, especially since at this point it is just two cast formed splints and heavy bandages) and crutches to get around. First of all, I am apparently crutch challenged because I am finding it incredibly difficult to get around. I am having such a hard time with the crutches that I even completely fell on my ass yesterday when I was trying to come in from the backyard.

On to the first part of my list of things that I have learned. The next home that I purchase must have a spare bedroom on the first floor and a full bathroom that is large enough to negotiate with crutches and if not a wheelchair, then at least a smallish rolling desk chair (this is how I have been getting around the house so that it is at least not as difficult as it could be.) My bedroom is on the second floor and I have been having to scoot up and down the stairs on my ass and this is not an easy task and it definitely works muscles that don’t normally get much a workout which of course means even more discomfort, if not pain. The bathroom must have a walk-in shower so that I (or another injured person in the house) can get in and out of the shower with little to no assistance. I only have access to a half-bath downstairs and all of the bathrooms are fairly small and not meant for people with even the slightest of physical challenges to be attempting to navigate. If you have dogs that sleep in a crate you should have a secondary crate or sleeping area so that you do not have to struggle to get them in and out of their crate if they sleep in a crate upstairs. BTW, only two of the dogs (they were littermates) sleep in a crate because they don’t want to sleep with the other dogs, chase the cats if left out at night, and they seem more comfortable in a crate.

I’ll say more tomorrow or in the next couple of days. This jacked up leg business is wearing me out even more than my usual state of unidentifiable lethargy.

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