Lies my television told me

Did you ever watch one of those television shows or movies that portrayed a group of people (usually friends) living together as roommates? Did you grow up wanting to have that much fun which was often made even more appealing when it was a group of friends living together? Well, I am here to tell you that this is generally lies. Either we were being lied to, and these great living situations only exist in the minds and scripts of television and movie writers, or I have supremely bad luck in the area. I have lived with a number of people and it is only through having experienced the loss of friendships in my earlier years of roommate experiences that I have learned to push down my true thoughts and feelings in many situations as a means to maintain the peace and not destroy and lose yet another friendship. Of course there is the possibility that those friendships that were destroyed by living together were sitting on a ticking bomb anyway and were not worth the extra effort to maintain. After all, these supposedly good friends walked away and never tried to save, or resurrect our friendships, so how much could it have really meant to them. Perhaps being roommates with your friends when you are very young, stupid, and spend most of your time occupied outside your residence is a way of testing the strength of your friendships, and only those friends that work to hold on, or fight their way back into your life are worth having. Lost friendships hurt, but isn’t it worse to have people in your life that don’t contribute to your life, or mental well being in some way? All of this said, do all you can to make sure that you are able to live on your own once you get to the stage of your life where you begin to value your time alone because having to live with others and deal with maintaining those relationships when all you want to do is sleep or be alone creates stress in your mind and your relationship. If, and when I ever get married I think that the old idea that many consider to be outdated where a couple has their own rooms so that they are not always in each other’s space is worth considering. I know that if the person I live with now was a romantic partner instead of a friend we’d be facing the possibility of divorce, but as a “good” friend I work harder at trying not to rock the boat or making amends for those times we boil over. I just wish that instead of living under the same roof we had either a much more spacious home to share, or just lived next door to each other so that I could simply lock my door, close the drapes, and take a nap or entertain myself instead of having to settle for doing what the most demanding one of us insists upon doing. Right now all I want to do is nap, but I can’t because someone does not want to be left alone with all the dogs, and she claims the dogs won’t let her get any peace if I am not suffering right alongside her. Perhaps the answer to living with friends is to only have cats. Maybe to maintain a low maintenance friendship, and lifestyle while living together requires having a low maintenance pet.

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