Should the “truth” be hidden from a patient?

So, today I had to deal with a conversation with one of my brothers with whom I have little faith in his honesty and forthrightness. The conversation revolved around our mother, who depending upon with whom you speak is either recovering or will never recover and we are just to sit around and wait for her to die. I am in the camp, with my mother, that chooses to believe that she is recovering. My brother (at least this particular one), my stepfather, and according to my brother my mother’s doctor are in the camp negative Nellie camp that is of the opinion (at least this is what they say) that my mother will never recover any more than she is right now and we are basically in a holding pattern waiting for her to die. According to my brother the doctor pulled my brother (who illegally had himself given my mother’s power of attorney which I will discuss another time) aside and told him that there is no reason to believe that my mother will recover any further and that she and the family should “get her affairs in order”. I find this idea interesting being as my mother continues to recover her ability to walk and communicate through therapy and is expected to return home soon, my brother even took a large sum of money out of her account to have the bathroom at one of her homes remodeled so that it was handicap accessible. Why would anyone waste that kind of money to make changes on a house that she doesn’t even want to be in (she wants to be in HER house, not one that she owns but her children live in) if she is not expected to recover any further or live much longer? I hate to think that my brother is being fishy so that he can steal from my mother, but my uncle did it to his mother and siblings so nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to money. My brother claims that the doctor wants it to be kept secret from my mother how grim her prognosis is expected to be, but in my opinion this is infantilizing her and is unethical.

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