Pet Peeve

So, since I have been walking around with either a splint or a walking boot since the end of July I get a lot of people asking me what I did. I answer them with the answer to their question which should be somewhat obvious, I broke my foot and severely sprained my ankle. It is after my answer that I generally realize that what they meant was how did I hurt myself and it drives me nuts when they look at me like I am stupid for not knowing that is what they meant. Ask what you mean damn it, ask me how I injured myself and you will get the story. It won’t be an interesting story, simply one of my tendency toward injuries and accidents and some bad luck. One of my doctors told me that I needed to create a more interesting story which I guess could be fun since I like the idea of messing with people’s heads if they ask about the scar on my neck to which I really want to say it is from a bar fight, but no one ever asks me about that.

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