Puppy love with a side of bitter

It’s hard to be bitter when talking about the pets, but I’m sure that at least a little bit of my inner bitter Betty or negative Nelly will find a way to creep in.

So, Bambi is just over four months out from her marrow transplant that was done to give her her best chance at fighting lymphoma, and thankfully she has had four months of testing negative for any cancer. Yay, go Bambi. Of course, there is a new fear in our Bitter Betties trio with one member in particular always believing now that every time she sees a little extra lump, bump, wrinkle, or fat on any of the dogs (especially Bambi) that it is lymphoma creeping in again. No matter how often we are told that none of them are showing signs of lymphoma one of us is always paranoid now. It’s understandable, but frustrating to be constantly saying I don’t see any signs of swollen lymph nodes only to have to listen to the paranoia every day until the next appointment which only come once a month now. I completely understand worrying that lymphoma will creep back in, or show up on one of the other dogs but you can’t live day to day in paranoia.

To check your own dogs for lymphoma check out my Pinterest board, Save Bambi at http://www.pinterest.com/gemmina26/save-bambi/, where you can find more information on Bambi and what to look for because the earlier you catch lymphoma in your pet the better chance they have of survival. It is the need for early observation that is just part of why, if you can afford it you need to take your pets in for an annual exam because it is just one small part of their annual checkup.

Now for the bitterness. Though we, this Bitter Betty in particular, try to remain upbeat and believe that everything will work out eventually (yes my inner Pollyanna is regularly battling my inner Bitter Betty for control of my mind) it is hard to do when you are fighting insurmountable debt and there seems to be a never ending stream of other problems creeping up on you. Just this weekend one of the other dogs had to be taken in to the vet because he was shaking uncontrollably, and having a number of problems that could have meant something quite serious. Thank goodness an overnight stay at the vet and lots of fluids and he is now back at home and resting comfortably. So, in addition to all of the regular and sky high bills accrued in our efforts to Save Bambi we can now add several hundred more dollars to the debt. Thankfully, we do have a very generous source that keeps letting us borrow and borrow some more, but they will ultimately have to be repaid somewhere around twenty to thirty thousand dollars. Why be bitter when we have someone that is taking out loans to loan us money? It’s because though we have had an account set up from the get go to raise money to help pay some of the bills to Save Bambi we have gotten little to no support, or more importantly donations, despite the fact that it seems like everyone else out there asking for help is able to get it. You may recall my rant a while back that people were funding potato salad, but we could not get the money to Save Bambi. I am going to choose to believe that there are people out there that would like to help and they just haven’t seen our pleas yet. So, please, if you can, visit some of our sites, our pages about Save Bambi and help us in any way you can. Even if all you can do is share our information to help spread it to more people then please do. You may know someone that knows someone that can, and will help. You know, the whole six degrees of separation deal. Anyway, I’ve rattled on long enough so I will just give the links to our pages. Oh yeah, some of the Bitter Betties are really bad at keeping the pages they run updated so though they may not be up to the minute they are still up and running. The queen of negative and bitter is for the most part in charge of the pages and she is a really Bitter Betty and Negative Nelly as well as huge procrastinator so she doesn’t get much done because she thinks there is no point when in her opinion no one is helping or ever will.


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