Aging Parents

Once again I am having to deal long distance with the risks and problems of having an aging parent and my parents are not even that old. My mother is 65 years old and suffered a major stroke earlier this year. A stroke that has left her partially paralyzed, and in need of far more help physically than she is mentally prepared to accept. I completely understand why she does not want to be dependent upon others for help because I have said many times that I am not the kind of person that would cope well with extensive impairment, mentally or physically.

Tonight my mother called me to tell me how she is stuck in her wheelchair and in extreme pain because the aide that was with her today apparently did not know how to deal with someone that has paralysis and forced my mother’s shoes on with such force that my mother is in so much pain that she cannot get up from her wheelchair to go even two steps. She tried calling the company through which the aides are sent out to ask for help and she has been left waiting for them to call her back for the past five or six hours. The lack of response means that my mother has been stuck in her wheelchair all evening and cannot transfer to her bed. My mother does not want to call my oldest brother because she fought an uphill battle with him to get her care cut down from 24 hours to just four hours a day and he has been doing a lot of things that greatly distressed her and left her feeling infantilized. Taking some of her money to do things she did not approve of is included in his questionable actions and decisions, as well as forcing her to sign over power of attorney in a very illegal move that should get the notary in trouble when I can get out to California.

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