As if the holidays were not difficult enough
We just received news that Bambi, of Save Bambi, tested positive for lymphoma again and are now dealing with the depression and grim outlook if we cannot raise the money to pay for more treatments for our sweet girl.
Provided the link above works it should take you to the fundraiser page for Save Bambi where you will see that up to this point we have been less than successful. The vast majority of the money raised has come from close friends and family. We can’t get into writing much right now because the depression and gloom is hanging over our home right now like a heavy fog. This particular Bitter Betty is going to take on a more active role in trying to pull in support for the various pages devoted to Bambi, her fundraiser page in particular, but as you can probably tell from our limited posts on here we are not exactly technologically agile and are frequently distracted. It’s too hard to say more right now. Just please send positive energy and thoughts our way, and if at all possible contribute to the Save Bambi fund and share wherever possible. Even donations of very small amounts, if done by enough people, can ultimately help greatly. Please no trolls, or negativity on this. There is enough of that in our lives right now while we deal with ill family members of the human, as well as the canine variety. This Bitter Betty is going to try to think positively and at least attempt to lift up the other Bitter Betties that tend to be more pessimistic. I hope that things in your lives are going more positively and your holiday season is as stress and trouble free as possible.

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