Dealing with the sullen

Another day in our home is another day dealing with a sullen Betty. After the bad news that we received yesterday we are all feeling a little down, but one of us takes it to an extreme. One of the Betties thinks that I never worry about anything and that I let her do all of the worrying (there is a lot of that in this house these days between financial struggles, a pet battling lymphoma, and my own mother still struggling to recover more fully from her debilitating stroke). She could not be more wrong, but because of past events in my life, or maybe it is my basic personality, I have developed a means of sort of mentally compartmentalizing everything so that I can deal with things as needed and not be hit with all of it at once. She, on the other hand, makes Eeyore look like the cheerleader of the Winnie the Pooh characters. I want so badly to escape the morose and low-hanging fog over our house right now, but that would only make her worse which would make this house even more unbearable. Even conversation in our home has essentially come to a halt with the exception of meal decisions, things stated out of necessity, or to say goodbye or goodnight. I am not a naturally uplifting and cheerful person, so being forced to take on the role drives me a little batty. Especially when I am failing at it so miserably. I hope that we get some good news from somewhere soon because the depression and grief is palpable.

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