Trying out the Litter Genie

My new Litter Genie that I received free from Crowdtap, after I personalized it (one of the assignments) for my three cats.
My new Litter Genie that I received free from Crowdtap, after I personalized it (one of the assignments) for my three cats.

litter genie

This is going to be my first post that is not a rant, or rant related. I know, how very non-bitter of me. Anyway, the three of us participate in various social marketing, or consumer testing programs and this is one of my most recent campaigns in which I participated. I received a free Litter Genie for participating in and agreeing to review the product so here goes my first review on our blog.

I do like the Litter Genie and it certainly helps to disguise the litter box smell, provided you are scooping regularly, and it is less wasteful than using a regular trash bag. I have always used those little plastic bags that are so popular with just about every store these days and though they are free with purchase, they are very wasteful to use every day (sometimes two or three times a day). Having three cats means a lot of scooping, particularly if you want to keep the multiple dogs from finding a meal in the litter box (I know gross, right) and you can never really eliminate the scooping, but you can make fewer trips to the trash can when using the Litter Genie System. Considering that my litter boxes are on the second floor I really appreciate fewer trips to the large trash cans kept in the garage. There are those that will say that the filter system that is part of the bag refills is wasteful, which technically it is, but I am willing in some instances to trade a little bit extra waste in order to have less cat box odor. Who knows, maybe a more environmentally friendly approach or version is in development. It would be great if they were also working to produce more color options. The one complication I had was that the safety cutter that is included can take a little bit to get used to, but then I am impatient so it’s probably not that frustrating to others.

Overall, I would say that unless you are really environmentally minded that this is worth the price, it is only around fifteen to twenty dollars depending, which to me is reasonably priced. I will be suggesting, if not purchasing, one or more of these for my mother to have in her home to hopefully encourage my youngest brother to be more diligent about scooping his cat’s boxes.

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