Another crowd fundraising site for Bambi

We have multiple (three) fundraising pages now set up in the hope that at least one of them will get us some of the help that we so desperately need to Save Bambi. To give you an idea of how tight finances are right now, we completed our studies for our Bachelor’s degrees (we each completed the studies to receive two degrees) and high enough grades to receive honors, if not high honors, and we cannot even afford to pay the fees necessary to pay for us to be given our degrees, or even participate in the graduation that we have worked so hard for as students that returned to college. We both want to apply to grad school, but that cannot be done until we actually receive our degrees and we cannot get financial aid until we are enrolled in grad school. I don’t know how much debt has been accrued through personal/familial loans (that are now tapped out themselves), but it is a lot and so much that until we actually either have money or the fundraisers begin to work I don’t even want to think of the massive debt. I know some people don’t believe in doing so much to save a pet (many members of my own family amongst them), but the pets mean everything to us and really are like our children. Please don’t make negative comments just because you don’t believe in this. It is your right to not support us, but it is our right to believe in doing the best for our pets and those times when we had money we gave what we could to help others and causes that we supported or believed in, never believing that we ourselves would one day be in such need and desperate times.

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