Review of game The Presidential

So, once again I am behind on posting a review of a product for a social marketing campaign. In my defense for anything happening this year, and recently, it has been a tough year that I will discuss in another post. I received this new game The Presidential from Tryazon as my introduction to doing reviews and social marketing for them. Not exactly a banner start by not getting my review done right away.

Made the new game #ThePresidential part of our Independence Day celebrations
Made the new game #ThePresidential part of our Independence Day celebrations

So, on to the review of the actual game. The game can be played with either two players, or two teams comprised of multiple players. We tried the game with teams, but honestly unless you have people that are not very interested in participating in the game play themselves I would suggest just sticking to two players as the less involved players may easily become bored. The game is a good way to introduce slightly older children to the world of politics, but can have a little bit of a learning curve to how to play. For myself and my friends, a couple of us have degrees related to politics so it made us a little more competitive than others and made understanding certain aspects a little bit easier, though we still had problems with figuring out the specifics of play without regularly referencing the instructions. Those friends that have little to no interest in politics had even less interest in the game other than a cursory curiosity early on.

Overall, I would say if you have even a passing interest in our political system the game could be fun and competitive and is a good way to teach older children a little bit about how the game of politics is run. The boredom level can get quite high though if you try to play with more than two adults or people that hate politics and we all have those friends that will flee the room as soon as you bring up politics.

Review for#Tryazon
Review for#Tryazon

I’m not sure if I was supposed to include this only for the party attendees, or if I can supply it to readers, but for those that are interested there is an access code to receive a discount on their purchase of the game. If you want to purchase your own game you can purchase at: using code: T to save 10% off of any game purchase.

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