Not a happy return

So, I just spent a month in California caring for my mother who was left paralyzed after a serious stroke last year. I was supposed to be out there for only three weeks, but then while there my stepfather had a serious heart attack so I had to extend my stay. During my time out there Bambi’s condition began to worsen. I had been home less than 24 hours, perhaps less than 12, before it was clear that Bambi needed to be rushed to the emergency veterinarian.

Our dear sweet Bambi had been doing so well despite her diagnosis of lymphoma over a year ago, but that recently changed and though we will do all we can to save her life it is a very costly challenge. We have set up a fundraiser to try and help us raise the money to pay her bill that seems to be increasing by the hour. If we can just get Bambi to pull through a couple more weeks she is scheduled to be the first dog to receive a new treatment that can give a dog in her condition a complete turnaround and essentially cures the dog.

To find more information about Bambi you can visit her Facebook page

Her fundraising site for her emergency stay is

Bambi caught at nap time
Bambi caught at nap time

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