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I recently received RoC RETINOL CORREXION Deep Wrinkle Night Cream #free to try and review through #crowdtap Generally speaking, you should only use the product at night because, just as the name says, it contains Retinol, which can be irritating if worn while exposed to the sun. Being the vampire that I am, there are many days that a Cullen would get more sun than me, I wasn’t too concerned with the handful of days that I chose to wear it during the day. Since I basically was going from my back door to a large tree several feet from the door, and was only exposed to the sun for a few seconds at a time, it did not present a problem. I can’t recall the exact date that I began trying the product, but I don’t think that it was for more than a few weeks and I honestly am not one of those people that expects miracles in that short of time so I am not disappointed that I have not noticed significant improvement. However, there is slight improvement and since the product did not irritate me, as many Retinol products can, I am going to continue using it and I do expect at least slightly more improvement.

Unlike a lot of people I know my age, and younger, I do not have a lot of deep wrinkles because as I said I live like a vampire, a non-smoking, relatively alcohol free vampire, and because of this some of my friends that are the polar opposite actually now look like they could be my mother. Let that be a lesson to you, stay out of the sun and use sunscreen when you are in it, and stay free of the worst of vices and you will stay looking young for much longer. Though my relatively vice free life has preserved me to a point, there are certain things that cannot be helped, or even the best of us can’t avoid. Like failing to be as diligent about protecting the skin on my neck and chest as I have been with my face which has led to some wrinkling on these areas, along with a few fine lines on the face that are gonna happen regardless of what you do. So, I tried the RoC Retinol mostly on my neck and chest and targeted the fine lines on my forehead, and attempted to try it around my eyes. The eyes were a bit of a mistake for me as that did irritate me, but otherwise no irritation at all.

Overall, I would say that not only will I continue to try this for a bit longer to see if it provides more change with more and extended use, as I said I don’t believe in miracles and think these things need time, but I would probably suggest this to anyone looking to help prevent or refine lines and wrinkles unless they have absolutely sensitive skin or spend a lot of time in the sun.

I’ve really got to work on getting my thoughts condensed.
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