Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll Review For Crowdtap

So, once again I am running late on getting tasks completed. Gee, I wonder why the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite characters.

Well, let’s get on with the review part of this. As anyone that has read any of these types of reviews before (mine or more likely someone else’s) knows we have to get out the technical stuff and let you know that we #GotItFree so the review is technically “sponsored”. This particular review is being done for #crowdtap and Cottonelle’s #MoreIsBetter campaign. Being as it is regarding something as basic as toilet paper this should be one of my shorter posts, though knowing me I am certain to find a way to stretch it out.

Speaking of stretching out. One of the perks to a Double Roll is that you can go longer between toilet paper changes, especially with the Cottonelle Clean Care Double Roll which has 35% more sheets than others. So less work for you, and who among us does not appreciate getting to be a little lazy?  While we’re on the topic of less work, with its rippled texture Cottonelle Clean Care makes wiping more efficient and still manages to be soft.

#crowdtap #Cottonelle #GotItFree #Sponsored

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