Listerine Ultraclean Floss Review

Listerine ultraclean

So, apparently I am further behind on these than I thought (again no wonder I love the White Rabbit), so here is my review for Listerine ULTRACLEAN floss.

First, I like the addition of the Listerine to the floss as it gives your mouth a  nice, freshly brushed sensation (even if all you’ve done at the time is floss). The floss is nice and strong and will hold up well for the average person’s dental needs. I am, unfortunately, not the average person when it comes to teeth. My teeth are all pretty close together, but some of them are exceptionally close. As a result my teeth often act like tiny razor blades and cut to death any floss that dares to come between them. For the teeth that are not seated closer together than a teenage couple at a movie the floss works quite well and as I said leaves a nice fresh sensation and fresh smelling breath.  I let my roommate and best friend try the floss and it was agreed that the floss is nice, but they too noticed the thickness. The difference being that for them while it was tight it did not break while I broke the floss in several spots.

I received the floss from #crowdtap free in exchange for a review, but this is my honest opinion. #GotItFree #Sponsored #Listerine

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