Splenda, It’s not just for your coffee

Here I am, once again, behind on my social posts for social marketing. I will say though that this is not entirely my fault because I have been on heavy painkillers after breaking a tooth. There are few things that can make you, or at least me, feel old faster than having one of your teeth break in half. Right down the middle. Length wise.  So, I can’t get my tooth pulled (yeah, it broke so badly that there is no saving it) until after the new year because the oral surgeon is not taking on any more work until then. This is why I am on heavy painkillers, and to be honest even they aren’t working that well, and I have been trying every home remedy under the sun for a toothache. So, I am getting to spend every moment in excruciating pain when I am conscious and when the painkillers do work they do knock me out until they wear off and I am back at the point of extreme pain, or at minimum the medications make me a complete airhead.  I am going to cross my fingers that if I tell the people at crowdtap about this I won’t get flagged as I already have one flag and I really don’t want to be banned because crowdtap is a fun way to share your opinion on your favorite thing and sometimes you get to try brand new products that you’ve never seen or tried before.

Anyway, moving on to the actual review. As you can likely tell this review is technically #sponsored as I got to try the #Splenda granulated for free. That’s right I #GotItFree Every one probably knows of #Splenda for using in their coffee and tea, but did you know that you can do so much more with it? If you want to check out some of the recipes for yourself check out their site at https://www.splenda.com/ For this particular #crowdtap mission I was supposed to make a total of I believe three items. Unfortunately for me, I did not get the third recipe made because I was in just too much pain,  and it was the one recipe to which I was looking most forward. The Apple Pie. I did however get to make a salad that was quite tasty and by substituting Splenda where you would normally use sugar I saved calories and being as I am diabetic (though not a very good one) I also saved myself some unnecessary sugars. I may try the recipe again, but add a little bit of citrus to it to give a little more of a fresh bite to it. Not to mention I love citrus in just about everything.  This recipe is pretty straight forward and easy to follow, and if you’re like me it is easy to make little substitutions for what you have available. The picture does not look great, but trust me this is a pretty tasty alternative to those sweet, highly caloric, high sugar dressings or vinaigrettes.


Next up was the Peppermint-Mocha Delight

Splenda Peppermint Mocha Delight #splendasavvies #sponsored

The recipe on the Splenda site called for using fat-free milk, but I try to use as little dairy as possible so I subbed almond milk. I’m sure that it would have come out creamier had I used actual milk, especially if you use at least a low-fat since fat is what makes things creamier, but I love the taste of almond milk and use it in just about everything. It’s tasty, healthy, and a good option for vegetarians and Splenda is a good choice for those trying to cut down on sugar and/or calories. There are so many versions of Splenda available now that enable you to cut down the sugar in probably just about everything you make.

Though I did receive the product free in exchange for talking about it on my social media sites (including here), and sharing the info (and sometimes the product) with my friends this is my own opinion. I merely have to review the product and give my honest opinion.


 #GotItFree  #SweetSwaps #crowdtap #sponsored #Splenda

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