The Constant Procrastinator

For anyone that reads this regularly, which really don’t seem to exist at this time, you can see quite easily that I have once again let procrastination and distraction get the best of me. Of course, it has been an exceptionally difficult couple of years. The last 12 to 18 months in particular have been difficult and have left all three Bitter Betties with no money, and lots of debt as we struggled to save Bambi from canine lymphoma only to ultimately lose her on September 11th of last year. On top of her loss, there was the loss of a cat that meant a lot to two of us, and he passed shortly before we lost Bambi. There were my mother’s multiple strokes that left her paralyzed, the loss of two of my favorite relatives last year, one of which was actually the younger brother of my mother and he passed as the result of a lung disease they were never able to determine (BTW he never smoked and was the healthiest person in the family), then just in the past three weeks I lost my favorite, and oldest cat, and another favorite relative that happened to be the wife of my Great Uncle (the uncle of my mother) who passed last year. So, in less than a year I lost three of my favorite human family members, and three of my favorite furry family members so please forgive my procrastination and if I am even darker and more bitter than usual. Once again, following a bout of procrastination and inactivity I am hoping that I can get my act together and make posts more regularly, particularly as I like to get the free goodies one gets from being more active in social media campaigns. I think my punctuation is questionable on this one, but I don’t care right now.

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