Gone Way Too Soon

I just wanted to post a brief piece to express the sorrow so many of us, especially those of us that are part of “Generation X”, are feeling this weekend. I was so shocked to wake on the 21st (I sleep late) and hear the news running on the television as I came down the stairs, “Prince is dead”. What??? Wait. That can’t be. He’s far too young. What could possibly have happened? I mean really, he was small of physical stature sure, but he certainly never appeared frail or of poor health like others that were lost too early. I never heard even one rumor of him having a serious drug problem (never even heard of one at all to tell the truth, but his private life was actually kept private). I never heard of any alcohol problems. It doesn’t make sense. What could possibly have taken him so soon? I loved Michael Jackson, and that too was a huge shock, but we did hear rumors about him and he often did appear pretty fragile. David Bowie, while still being too young, was also a shock, but again there were rumors about drug use in his earlier days and that can tax your system as you age. But, never ever did I hear anything about Prince having problems and not only was Prince still quite young, but he still had a very active career and his physical presence never seemed to change.  I was shocked just to hear that he’d had to have a flight plan changed suddenly due to illness and then to hear that he’d canceled concerts since he was a very hardworking performer and seemed to really enjoy performing as much for himself as for the fans. I’m still somewhat in a state of disbelief over the loss of Prince. Hell, I’m still somewhat in shock over the loss of Bowie. We’ve now lost the big three male musical icons that are ever present on the soundtrack to my generation, Generation X, and the oldest of us are not even fifty yet. Hell, the youngest of our generation are just now hitting their mid-thirties, and there are still alive and well a great many of the musical icons from our parent’s generation. Not only is the music of Prince part of the soundtrack of my youth, it was the building blocks to one of my longest lasting friendships because one of my best friends introduced herself to me and we quickly began talking about our favorite music. The two of us were even fortunate enough to see one of the Purple Rain concerts together. Purple Rain was my first Prince concert, and I didn’t even get to see the movie right away because of my age so I was going purely because of the music. That would be the first of several concerts I would be fortunate enough to see over the years and every one of them was absolutely amazing. We are barely a quarter into the year and we have lost two musical giants, both of whom I liked so much I found a way to make it to a concert of theirs even as a broke ass teenager. Thank you Prince and Bowie for providing us with such amazing music with which to cement our memories. Please universe stop already, our generation is far too young to be losing it’s greatest stars.

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