Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain for Cats Chicken & Potato Review

Influenster Nutrish

Once again I am running behind, as I seem to perpetually be, on completing reviews. My iritis seems to be flaring up again and I am having a lot of difficulty in seeing and reading clearly so it is making this more difficult to accomplish than my usual procrastinating self.

Anyway, on to the review. To start with I must inform you that I received the product free in exchange for a review, an honest review, and spreading the word.  I recently lost my oldest cat, and my two remaining cats are far more finicky than she was and for some reason tend to do better on lower quality brands. In addition to their finicky eating habits they have the very unpleasant tendency to vomit a little bit of most of their meals throughout the day. It’s not hairballs, just a problem that some cats have is what I have been told. Even with some exceptionally expensive food, the cats still had the problem so I was not expecting anything different. Somewhat surprisingly both cats seem to be doing fine with Nutrish and it has yet to have upset their stomachs So, I will continue to use the bag that I received for this review and then once that bag is completed I will look into the possibility of exploring other options by the Nutrish brand and hopefully for the sake of the cats, as well as my own, I have finally found a food that my cats will eat and that agrees with their digestive system. I would have included photos of my cats with the food, but photographing my cats is very difficult as they are like Velcro when near me. Between them being clingy, and acting as though the camera will steal their souls it’s not easy.

I received this product from Nutrish in exchange for my honest review. #NutrishZeroGrain #Influenster #Nutrish

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