In Memory of Chris Geer by Adesh Siddhu – GoFundMe

In memory of Chris GeerSource: In Memory of Chris Geer by Adesh Siddhu – GoFundMe

In keeping with my rep as a “Bitter Betty” I am not sharing this on anything that my family or friends know about (so as to maintain my rep) at least I don’t think that any of them know about this page, but I did want to share this GoFundMe campaign for the sake of Chris’ children. I am not going to announce what my relation to Chris was, but it’s safe to say that I knew him well, in some ways I knew him better than anyone else, but I also did not know the side of him that would compel so many people to feel so strongly for him, or mourn his loss so strongly. Now, if you pay attention and I write the post that is sticking in my head you will more than likely be able to figure out how I knew Chris, not that it will take a rocket scientist to figure out. My point here is that two young children lost their father, sadly just days before the birthday of one of them, and their mother has been widowed at an early age just weeks after having been laid off from her job and if Chris’ friends can feel so compelled as to share their story in an effort to raise funds to help out the family then the least that I can do is share the campaign to try to maximize the opportunity for fundraising since the most important thing in all of this is the children and trying to make their lives as stable and familiar as possible at a very difficult and painful time in their lives. So, read the campaign, and perhaps the obituary posted on here as well, and if you feel moved by their situation and story then please consider donating to the cause, or even just sharing to maximize the attention the campaign receives. Even a Bitter Betty like me can care, we just don’t generally like to show it.


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