About Bitter Betties

As stated in an early post, realistically we are still in the early stages of our blog, there are technically three Bitter Betties, but one of us is more likely to write than the other two and may at times write for one, the other, or both of the other Bitter Betties. Two of us are sisters, two of us are best friends (most of the time), two of us went to school together (though we did not know it at the time), and two of us live together while the third lives in another state (the home state of all three of us), and two of us helped pull one another through college while we pursued the same studies. All three of us have our negative moments and can view things through the lens of a Bitter Betty, hence the name, but one of us tends to waffle between being a Bitter Betty and being a bit of a Pollyanna (I know it’s a sign of being a little bit manic, but hey we did say it was a manic world). We are all animal lovers and varying levels of animal advocates that would probably be greater animal advocates if we, especially two of us, weren’t so damned lazy or plagued by mental and physical health issues. All three of us have health issues that impact how much we are able to do. One has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, one of us has some physical issues coupled with serious anxiety problems, and the third has multiple physical health issues coupled with some anxiety problems. Again, it is for us a manic world. Though the Betties have these problems we do not generally complain to others about them, except perhaps on here on occasion, which is why we have problems with others that feel the need to constantly remind everyone of whatever ailment they are dealing with. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, but between the three of us we have more than our share of people that could easily be labeled as having problems with histrionics, hypochondriasis, and hyperbole and though we may care about them they can and often do drive us a little nuts. The three of us are all pulling together to try to save the life of one of our dogs, Bambi, as she continues to fight canine lymphoma. As we all deal with that, one of us is dealing with the permanent, or long term effects that one of our mothers is continuing to deal with post stroke and the challenges in that experience. We love animals, are constantly shocked by what humans are capable of doing to one another and to animals, we enjoy cooking, entering contests and participating in social marketing (more specifically getting things for free), and various levels of arts and/or crafts. Finally, we are all always wishing to lose weight and get fit, but when you love food and are generally either too lazy or in too much pain to work out it is pretty much a losing battle. We like to believe that we are at least reasonably intelligent and not too bitchy, but we are above all else Bitter Betties.


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