My Crowning Glory

My crowning glory used to be long, thick hair that I felt was my best feature, and I loved my hair. Of course, I also spent a number of years hating how thick my hair was and bitched about it to myself quite often as I was always struggling to put my hair up. Especially challenging was using hair barrettes (even those for thick hair) because my hair would just pop those babies right out unless I only used them to pull back a small amount. Of course I was a teenager at the time, and as I teenager I generally found a lot of things to bitch about. Especially when it came to myself, as I particularly struggled with self-esteem in my teens (Not that I am brimming with confidence now, I just care slightly less what others think. Emphasis on slightly.) I admittedly did not truly appreciate what I had until it was gone, and now look at the beautiful hair of others and reminisce about all of the compliments I used to get on my hair and feel somewhat shameful for not appreciating what I had when I had it. I look longingly at the heads of other girls, or women sporting their own long, thick, flowing crowning glory and mutter to myself about how I miss my hair.

This brings us to my latest product review. Recently I began trying #Rogaine for women as part of a #Chatterbox program for #HouseParty and I received the product #free in exchange for sharing my opinion, and experience. I also received some coupons to give out to some friends and family so that they too could try out the product. #Sponsored #GotItFree

I began trying #RogaineForWomen roughly six months ago, maybe a little more at this point, because I have been increasingly more depressed over my thinning hair. Thinning hair is not a problem that runs on my mother’s side of the family (my mother at 67 years of age still has a full head of exceptionally thick hair (it’s the one thing she’s got on her side at this point, see previous posts about her strokes), and at the time of my grandmother’s death at 84 years of age she still had pretty thick hair), and I don’t recall any of the women on my father’s side (not many older female blood relatives on his side) showing any sign of thinning hair until they were significantly older. I know that some of the hair loss, particularly at my temples, is the result of something called Traction Hair Loss. The traction hair loss I can attribute to several years of employment in fast food in my late teens and early twenties when I was forced to pull all of my hair up and back every day for eight hours a day and as thick and long (down to my waist) as my hair was at the time that was a lot of weight and pressure to put along the hair line. I seriously advise anyone stuck in a food service job to push to either just wear a hair net, or just bite the bullet and cut your hair short so that you can avoid later trauma of traction of hair loss. Besides, what better time to experiment with a pixie cut or similar than in your teens or twenties? Now, the traction hair loss as the reason for hair loss at the temple I understood. What I did not understand was the overall thinning hair, and that is what #RogaineForWomen is used to help. I think that the overall thinning may be because I have had a number of health problems in recent years, including a hospitalization for three weeks for a host of serious health problems that just hit me hard. I was feeling horrible, but it was not until I was hospitalized that I realized just how bad it was. I had severe hypokalemia (low potassium) and went into acute renal failure, and that was just part of it. I still have some issues that doctors as yet have not identified other than saying that they believe I have a nerve disorder, possibly fibromyalgia as well, and who knows what else. I also think stress may have played a part in it as I am now, and always have been, a person that tends to internalize a lot of things until the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. You do not want to be around me when that happens. It could be a cry fest as the result of too much stress, or a volcano blowing up and taking out anything and everything in its path.

All of that said, let’s get to the actual product #review. While there has not been as much improvement in overall hair growth (there is some improvement), there is obvious improvement at the temples and hairline, and that alone is enough to make me plan on continuing to see if there is even further improvement. I also have to confess that I have not been nearly as diligent as the instructions tell you to be, so it may be my fault that there was not as much improvement as I’d hoped. So, I say if you have a problem and can afford #RogaineForWomen then give it a try. After all, the worst thing that can happen (barring an allergic reaction) is nothing happening. If you’re lucky you’ll find that the product works for you and you can avoid the depression that so many women (including myself) experience with the loss of something we so strongly associate with our femininity and attractiveness, and your hair will return, at least in part, to the crowning glory we all deserve and desire.rogaine hair collage

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The Constant Procrastinator

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RoC® Retinol

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